Pet Wand

Indoor / Outdoor Dog Shower System

Indoor/Outdoor Dog Shower to help you bathe faster so you can play longer.

The Pet Wand dog shower attaches to your utility sink or garden hose, best for smaller dogs.
The Pet Wand Pro includes everything you need to attach it to your shower head or garden hose.

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Easy to Install! Highly Recommend

"The Waterpik Pet Wand Pro Dog Shower attachment works GREAT for washing our 100 lb. Lab and 25 lb. poodle."

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This wand made bath time easier!

"I am extremely impressed!
The pressure for my dog was perfect."

WaterComb Spray

The contoured water combing spray from the Pet Wand penetrates the thickest fur, quickly removing dirt and shampoo for a deeper and more thorough clean.

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