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6 Steps for Bathing Your Dog

Tips for Bathing Your Dog

It goes without saying that it isn’t socially acceptable for you and I to “take a pass” on bathing for extended periods of time.

While our dogs don’t face those same expectations, a clean dog makes for a more enjoyable companion – especially if you enjoy your "up close" time with a lap dog, or if your four legged family member just can’t get a good night of shut-eye unless he or she is joining you in the bed.

There are also health reasons for bathing your dog. According to PetMD, bathing can help soothe sensitive skin and can help fight off bacterial skin infections.

When it comes to bathing at home, some basic things to keep in mind include:

  1. Start with brushing. A thorough brushing helps remove dead or matted hair.
  2. If bathing your pet indoors, place your dog in a tub (for large dogs) or sink (for small dogs) with about 3-4 inches of lukewarm water. If weather permits, bathing outside can minimize mess and clutter in your bathroom.
  3. Completely wet your dog while taking specific care to avoid getting water in the ears, eyes or nose.
  4. Working from head to tail, gently massage in pet shampoo (human shampoos can sometimes irritate the dogs skin). Again, avoid the eyes, ears and nose.
  5. Rinse and repeat as needed. PetMD suggests you should pay special attention to the rinsing, in order to remove soap that can result in dermatitis and skin infections. For a faster and more effective rinsing, check out the Waterpik™ Pet Wand PRO. With its innovative new WaterComb™ Spray, the Pet Wand PRO powers through even the thickest fur for a thorough clean.
  6. Immediately after rinsing, dry your dog with a large towel. Ensure that dogs with heavy coats are thoroughly dried to prevent damp spots that can result in irritation or infection.

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