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Pup Profile: Jelly

Meet Jelly the bulldog. Jelly and her pup parent Tracy

Jelly, what can you tell us about your personality?

Well, I love being the center of attention. If all eyes aren't on me, I'll do whatever it takes to change that. As a fur child and the princess of the household, I have a duty to entertain and bring joy to my family. My parents could not adore an animal more because I give them endless affection. I'm their best friend!

What is your favorite activity?

I love going on walks and sunbathing. I also like fetching tennis balls, but I never give them back. This way, the focus stays where it belongs: on me.

Do you have a favorite snack?

My favorite food is pretzels. Ooh, and popcorn. I only stop eating when Tracy makes me. I suppose it's good that she does because I am in training.

Speaking of which, how are you training for the Ruff Mudder event?

I have increased the length of my daily walks to help build up stamina for Ruff Mudder - specifically working on the length of each trot to cover more distance in less time.

And, in the spirit of being well-rested, I've taken up the ritual of napping. This may be my best sport. I've been dreaming of the course and the sweet moves I'll make when I cross the finish line.


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