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Pup Profile: Sawyer

Meet Sawyer and her Pup Parent Kimmy. Sawyer and Kimmy are seeking muddy parks and more protein intake (peanut butter, of course) to prepare for the ultimate bonding experience.

Sawyer, how did you and Kimmy find each other?

Six years ago, I met the love of my life on a dating app. It was called PetFinder. I don't like to brag, but Kimmy fell hard for my blonde hair, brown eyes, and big smile. We met for the first time at the East Valley Animal Shelter and moved in together that same day. Little did I know, when she walked into that shelter she was saving my life. I'd been there more than two months, much longer than most dogs in LA get to stay if they are not adopted. Today, Kimmy tells everyone about my loyalty and unconditional love. She can't imagine life or this world without me in it, and I feel the same about her.

What is your favorite activity?

Aside from eating, I love hiding under the bed. Sunbathing in any sliver of sun I can find is a close third. I'm also an aspiring model, but that hasn't taken off yet. There is a very cool emoji available that is clearly based on my likeness (below). I haven't seen a penny in royalties. It's a dog's life, right?

Do you have a favorite snack?

Food is love! My Kimmy says I'm easily bribed by anything that resembles something edible, even one tiny piece of kibble.

How are you and Kimmy training for the Ruff Mudder event?

I have mean jumping skills that will come in handy at Ruff Mudder! Kimmy swears I train with the NBA!

This weekend, we went on a run in the park, which had recently flooded. Kimmy wasn't thrilled, but I wanted to get some paws-on experience running through mud, which was super fun. Then, of course, I headed straight home for a bath because my Kimmy doesn't like muddy paws on the furniture.

Oh, I'm also trying to bulk up for the event by consuming lots of high protein treats and peanut butter. Did I mention that food is love?


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